So, age and genetics caught up with me a little while back and what began as squinting to read the really tiny print turned into having to get someone else to read the menu for me. It was time to act so it was off to the chemists to get a pair of readers. YUCK!

Why did they all look like something my nanna would wear? Wire or black plastic frames, those narrow little lenses that were like looking through gun slots, and don't get me started on how flimsy they were. But hey, at least I could read the menu.

Anyway, long story short, I figured there had to be a better way so I thought I'd go looking for a range of readers that looked good, worked well, and wouldn't fall apart in a stiff breeze, and here we are - Blind As A Bat was born.

I hope you enjoy the range of reading glasses I've put together that combine fashionable frames that you aren't actually embarrassed to wear, high optical quality acetate lenses, hinges with metal screws, and sturdy hypoallergenic acetate, polycarbonate or lightweight TR-90 frames.

Based in Queensland, I hold all my stock here myself and ship orders every weekday, Plus if I get your order before 11:00am Mon-Fri it will be sent same day.

Anyway, enjoy, and if you have any questions just drop me a line at info@blindasabat.com.au

Thanks for dropping by,